It’s been pretty quiet at the Loose Canon studios

Loose Canon
A view from Alex’s backyard in LA.






So tragedy Loose Canon this year. Ok fine, we’ll dispense with the dramatics. We lost the audio files on two Force Awakens episodes we were working on as well as an Expanded Universe post-mortem. Like Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, the charred remains rest on some remote planet (wherever Apple disposes of their replaced hard drives).

We still have a wild eye to get more episodes out there, but we’re taking this time to carbon freeze the direction we want our podcast to go in the age of new canon.

In the meantime, do you have anĀ idea for us? Been listening to back episodes? Tweet at us or post on our Facebook page and tell us how you’ve been biding your time between Star Wars movies.

We love you, canonballs!

-Alex, Patrick & Nick

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