Episode 18 – Lando: Works Every Time


Been sitting on this alternate version for far too long

He knows when to hold em, knows when to fold em, knows when to don a silk cape, knows when to  get it dry cleaned.

Join us and learn about the man and the mystery behind Lando Calrissian. We also give the Marvel Lando comics our stamp of new-canon approval. We know we’re not a Star Wars review podcast. We’re altering the deal. Pray we don’t alter it any further.

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Episode 17 – All Things Stormtrooper

This man is responsible for the most Stormtrooper deaths out of anyone.

This man is responsible for the most Stormtrooper deaths out of anyone.

After a months-long embedded assignment within the Stormtrooper academy, we’re back! Inspired by a listener question, in this episode, we explore the good, the bad and the useless Stormtrooper lore.


  • The waning numbers of clones within the ranks
  • A utility belt that puts Batman to shame
  • Stormtrooper taxonomy
  • Is that a Thermos of soup on their back?
  • The real reason why they’re such bad shots

DISCLAIMER: This episode contains mild Marvel Star Wars spoilers and a lot of Force Awakens conjecture that’s been rendered obsolete since trailer 3

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Episode 16 – Shakespeare and Star Wars: An Evening with Orion Couling

The Star Warsificatioin of MacBeth: An Evening with Orion Couling

What do you get when a Star Wars dork goes to town on Shakespeare’s MacBeth? Meet Orion Couling: the closest thing to a real life Jedi Master (or Sith Lord?) we’ll probably come across. Listen in as Nick, Patrick and Alex’s force ghost grills Orion about everything he’s working on: MacSith, general combat choreography, and his theater company: E.D.G.E.  And by “grill”, we mean turn the mic and swoon like the fanboys we are.

Rejected episode titles:
A Skywalker by Any Other Name
Something Sith-ed This Way Comes
Lando, Lando Wherefore Art Thou, Lando
Out, Damned Jar Jar

Learn more about Orion and E.D.G.E at edgeoforion.com
If you’re going to be in Chicago between now and June 14th, come see MacSith!
Otherwise, contact Orion to demand that he take the show to you!

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(Just pretend the crackles in the audio come from the playback on vinyl: the way our podcast was meant to be heard)

Episode 15 – Is Leia A Disney Princess Now?

Disney Princess Leia

Here’s the one where we wax philosophic about the Disney acquisition. Does Leia meet the criteria for being a Disney Princess? Where does her character go from here in the Disney-verse? Are our collective childhoods safe from Mickey’s gloved hands?
Somewhere is there a clone of Walt Disney locked in a basement writing every screenplay for the next 10 years?

These are things we lie awake at night thinking about.

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Episode 14 – Kashyyykonomics: The Hidden Side of the Galaxy

star wars freakonomics

Make it rain?

Did the “Dark Times” thrive with unprecedented wealth and prosperity?
Did currency differences hinder trade between galactic sectors?
Was Jar Jar a fit candidate to be your accountant?

These are questions we’ll attempt to answer in today’s episode of Freako…erm Loose Canon!

And please someone help us define what conscription means!

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Episode 13 – What’s A Dark Jedi?

dark jedi

Do you like Bright Eyes?

Are you Force sensitive? Are you kinda moody? Do you dance to the beat of your own Yub Nub, and apprenticeships just really cramp your style? Come join the Dark Jedi!

…or don’t whatever, who cares.

Come with us and learn why some Jedi just want to watch the world burn. Why some do not sew. And why some [insert 3rd nerd pandering analogy here].

“Loose Canon: the comic book / sci-fi version of Cabin In The Woods”

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Episode 12 – How The Sarlacc Works

The Sarlacc: Coming to a Toilet Near You

Photo credit: http://www.toiletsarlacc.com/

As if it wasn’t horrible enough to feature man-eating, religious zealot teddy bears in Return of the Jedi, they had to throw in a man-eating pit too. Oh, but that’s just what happens on the surface (literally). Join us while we deconstruct the inner-workings (literally) of the sarlacc pit. Who knows, you might think it’s just the cozy getaway you were looking for. So come on in, there’s a spot for you (literally).

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Episode 11 – Who Is Boba Fett?

Boba Fett Unmasked!State-of-the-art gadgets and armor? Check.
Badass attitude? Check.
Sweet cargo sweat pants? Check.

Boba Fett is the complete package. Join us as we explore the man, the myth, the legend all the while trying not to offend the “Cult of Boba.” Seriously though, if you’re adhering strictly to canon, Boba Fett…leaves a little something to be desired. Luckily our name isn’t Tight Canon, am I right guys?

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The Loose Canon Holiday Special

Star Wars Holiday Special

Well it’s that time of year folks! A time for rushing home to be with loved ones, ingesting mind altering substances and gathering ’round with all the townsfolk to become one with a tree. Nope, it’s not Christmas at the Loose Canon household. We’re talking about Life Day, the annual Wookiee tradition on Kashyyyk depicted in the 1978 psychedelic train wreck that was the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Join us in revelry as we figure out whether or not the weird stuff we witnessed during the show actually happened or if our minds just fabricated the whole experience. Seriously, we could have just made this all up and you wouldn’t know the difference.

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Episode 10 – What Is Canon?

George Lucas enjoying team building exercises with some new co-workers.

Do you know the 5 tiers of Star Wars canon? Well forget all of that and join the trio for the last episode of season one. The boys get all meta on your ass as they attempt to justify their own existence in a post-Expanded Universe world. Did the Disney Death Star ‘splode your fandom this year? Did George Lucas hate the EU anyway? It’s not cause for alarm, folks. Listen to the boys explain why you should embrace the new Legends stamp. The Lucasfilm ‘Story Group’ can go about their business. Move along.

Also hear what’s to come for our intrepid hosts. They have a job to do, and they’re not nearly finished. Plus Obi-Wan basically endorses Loose Canon in A New Dawn. So that’s cool.

Official Star Wars Legends Announcement
Doom-n-gloom Verge article with EU timeline
Star Wars Report gave us all hope.
Another great EU primer from A.V. Club

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