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What the Force Does

the force

“I smell something. Do you smell that? It’s in this general region right here. Weird”

The Force.

What does it do?
What doesn’t it do?
Why is it so finicky, changing from wielder to wielder?
Bonus question: what does it have to do with girls’ night out?

We’re back to catalog the does and don’ts of the Force. Cause it’s confusing and we’re here to help our listeners make sense of the galaxy.

Tune in to find out why the alternate title is “Tauntaun Throat Sausage”

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Episode 13 – What’s A Dark Jedi?

dark jedi

Do you like Bright Eyes?

Are you Force sensitive? Are you kinda moody? Do you dance to the beat of your own Yub Nub, and apprenticeships just really cramp your style? Come join the Dark Jedi!

…or don’t whatever, who cares.

Come with us and learn why some Jedi just want to watch the world burn. Why some do not sew. And why some [insert 3rd nerd pandering analogy here].

“Loose Canon: the comic book / sci-fi version of Cabin In The Woods”

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Episode 1 – How Jedi Work


Tatooine native, Luke Skywalker, has trouble adjusting to forest ecosystems: “Just look at all these trees!”

It ain’t easy being Jedi. In this episode, the boys cover what it takes to make it at the Jedi Academy and why Anakin had it rough as a Jedi. Also what does it take to balance the Force? Certainly it has something to do with the Sith, right?

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