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Episode 16 – Shakespeare and Star Wars: An Evening with Orion Couling

The Star Warsificatioin of MacBeth: An Evening with Orion Couling

What do you get when a Star Wars dork goes to town on Shakespeare’s MacBeth? Meet Orion Couling: the closest thing to a real life Jedi Master (or Sith Lord?) we’ll probably come across. Listen in as Nick, Patrick and Alex’s force ghost grills Orion about everything he’s working on: MacSith, general combat choreography, and his theater company: E.D.G.E. ¬†And by “grill”, we mean turn the mic and swoon¬†like the fanboys we are.

Rejected episode titles:
A Skywalker by Any Other Name
Something Sith-ed This Way Comes
Lando, Lando Wherefore Art Thou, Lando
Out, Damned Jar Jar

Learn more about Orion and E.D.G.E at edgeoforion.com
If you’re going to be in Chicago between now and June 14th, come see MacSith!
Otherwise, contact Orion to demand that he take the show to you!

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(Just pretend the crackles in the audio come from the playback on vinyl: the way our podcast was meant to be heard)