Episode 10 – What Is Canon?

George Lucas enjoying team building exercises with some new co-workers.

Do you know the 5 tiers of Star Wars canon? Well forget all of that and join the trio for the last episode of season one. The boys get all meta on your ass as they attempt to justify their own existence in a post-Expanded Universe world. Did the Disney Death Star ‘splode your fandom this year? Did George Lucas hate the EU anyway? It’s not cause for alarm, folks. Listen to the boys explain why you should embrace the new Legends stamp. The Lucasfilm ‘Story Group’ can go about their business. Move along.

Also hear what’s to come for our intrepid hosts. They have a job to do, and they’re not nearly finished. Plus Obi-Wan basically endorses Loose Canon in A New Dawn. So that’s cool.

Official Star Wars Legends Announcement
Doom-n-gloom Verge article with EU timeline
Star Wars Report gave us all hope.
Another great EU primer from A.V. Club

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