Episode 9 – How Bounty Hunters Work

Bounty Hunters
Oh shit! Did Bossk just hear me say that?

Bounty Hunters. This was Alex’s most eagerly anticipated episode to date, but you’ll find out it’s for the completely wrong reasons. Listen as the boys give a rundown of just who the “scum” hanging out with Darth Vader are in The Empire Strikes Back. Learn the gentlemanly, albeit loose, code of conduct amongst bounty hunters. Scratch your head at the prospect of seeking a spider web floating in space (Kud’ar Mub’at the Assembler) for neutral ground.

Come for the Bossk jokes, stay for the disappointment at having very brief coverage of Boba Fett (don’t worry, he’ll get his own episode).

Bounty Hunters
“While you’re here, could you scratch my leg? I gotta itch like something fierce.”

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