What Are the Lightsaber Combat Forms?

The Jedi produced many unique lightsaber combat forms to defend against the Sith, Fallen Jedi, and droid armies. In fact, the Order created seven forms to deal with threats in the galaxy. As new combatants emerged, the Jedi resolved to create more forms of self-defense.

After lightsaber use started to become more common, the Jedi invented, Shii-Cho. This form helped novices to safely brandish a lightsaber without harming themselves. The Jedi taught Shii-Choo to all Padawans before they could become a knight. At first, Form I was helpful for padawans, but soon it couldn’t match more skilled Sith and fallen Jedi. As a result, many other forms were created which we tackle in this podcast.

Listen as we discuss this topic with special guest Andres Cabrera (@SquadLeaderAce) of The Meaning Of podcast!

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